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September 8 – 29, 2019

September marks the beginning of a new church year—one in which we will be focusing on becoming a community where we are all increasingly able to experience God, individually and corporately. We long for a greater sense of God’s presence and love, and are grateful for the many “disciplines” developed over the ages to increase awareness of God. We also recognize that Jesus showed us how to “live freely and lightly” (Matthew 11:30), unburdened by the demands of religion and our own feelings of guilt or failure. We are children of a good God, who accepts us and loves us just as we are. Therefore we are embarking on this year in an attitude of playfulness: approaching the challenge of experiencing more of God as a joyful adventure.

During this four-week series, we will use the analogy of a game to expand our thinking about where and how we experience God. We will look for God by following the clues in nature, music and art. We will celebrate the mission we are pursuing together, and the friends we meet along the way. And we will identify simple, practical ways to strengthen our character and equip ourselves as diverse players. In the quest for a deeper experience of God, we cannot control the outcomes. But we can open ourselves up to the adventure of a lifetime. Let’s play!


Date Message Speaker
Sep 8 Game 1: Exploring the Territory Matthew Dyer
Sep 15 Game 2: Engaging in the Mission Matthew Dyer
Sep 22 Game 3: Leveling Up our Character Ruth Campbell
Sep 29 Game 4: The Multi-Player Experience Matthew Dyer

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