As we enter the fall and resume the routine of everyday life, we will begin a six-week series that is intended to inspire us to live out our vision in community. We will look at the three interwoven aspects of the vision—growth, community and servanthood; how these aspects have played out in the life of our church over the last few years; and how we will address them in the coming year. We will think through what Cedar Ridge means to each of us personally, and challenge ourselves to renew our commitment to our vision for following Jesus.

Through this series and the associated discussions and activities, we will ask ourselves how we can personally and collectively follow Jesus in ways that bring heaven to earth. This is what Jesus lived and taught about the Kingdom of God, and what we seek through our vision. Jesus’ teaching was grounded in everyday realities, and as we develop a deeper understanding of what discipleship looks like at Cedar Ridge, we will consider practical ways we can move forward in growth, community and servanthood over the next year. Similarly, Jesus challenged people to consider the cost of following him (Luke 14:25-33), and through this series, we will all be invited to take up the challenge to commit our time, talents, and financial resources to our vision to follow Jesus.

Download Discipleship Group materials A Vision for the Journey.

Date Message Speaker
Sept. 17 Our Vision Matthew Dyer
Sept. 24 Growth Matthew Dyer
Oct. 1 Community Matthew Dyer
Oct. 8 Servanthood Ruth Campbell
Oct. 15 The Challenge Ruth Campbell
Oct. 22 Commitment Sunday Matthew Dyer