“Church to Go”

In this 3-week mini-series we will explore the nature of worship and prayer in a changing world, where our experiences and thoughts about God are leading us into new questions and fresh discoveries. As we move away from some of the more authoritarian, all-powerful, dictatorial stereotypes for God, how does this affect the way we pray? When God doesn’t seem to answer our requests and cries for help (whether in our personal lives or in a global pandemic), what is the point of prayer anyway? And what kind of response of wonder and worship does this evoke in us—especially if we see God as loving, vulnerable and sacrificial, rather than just demanding of adoration? Together we’ll have some fun exploring alternative models and metaphors for God with the goal of expanding our faith, embracing our doubts, and deepening our experience of God through worship and prayer.

It’s also the summer—and with fresh opportunities to travel and participate in activities that have previously been restricted because of the pandemic, we realize many may be on the road. So this series will have built-in elements to take “church” with you wherever you go. Each week you’ll receive a card in the mail summarizing the main points for that week, together with some directions for a brief spiritual exercise you’ll be able to do wherever you are. There’ll also be a link to a 10-minute message on YouTube, along with other optional interactive information and activities. For those who are able to join our zoom service as usual each Sunday at 10am, the message will be given live, along with lots of fun opportunities to interact via polls, quizzes, breakout discussions and spiritual practices. So, whatever you are up to this summer, don’t miss this series!

Date Message Speaker
July 11 How do we experience God? Matthew
July 18 Why do we pray? Ruth
July 25 What is worship? Ruth

Virtual Sunday Service

Although in-person services remain cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, we invite you to join us at 10 AM for our Sunday service via Zoom.


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