Lent is traditionally a time for self-reflection, and an opportunity to conduct an honest appraisal of our spiritual progress as individuals and as a church. We believe prayer is key to deepening our relationship with God, but what exactly is prayer? Why do we pray? What can we expect from prayer? Through this series we will consider various ways of understanding prayer, including prayer as a way of changing our perspective on life, prayer as a relationship and as creative expression, prayers for healing and guidance, and prayer as a way of deepening community. We will explore what Scripture says about prayer, share our own stories, and learn different practices to make prayer more integral to our daily lives.

Through this series we hope to arrive at a deeper understanding of the meaning, purpose and power of prayer. The messages, discussions and other activities that accompany this series are intended to help us gain both the confidence and the motivation to engage in prayer through proven practices, as well as through an openness to the many varied ways in which God communicates to and through us individually and corporately.

Download series materials or view the flip book online.

Date Title Speaker
Sunday March 5 Life Through the Lens of Prayer Matthew Dyer
Sunday March 12 Prayer as Worship

The Orchestra (Video)

Psalm 104 (Audio)

Caroline Ferrante
Sunday March 19 The Healing Power of Prayer Melanie Griffin
Sunday March 26 Hearing God through Prayer Ruth Campbell with guest panel
Sunday April 2 Prayer in Community Ruth Campell

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