Adam and Eve smiling out from the strategically placed bushes… Noah sailing along with a boat full of animals… Moses parting the Red Sea… David bravely triumphing over the mean giant… Jonah praying to God from the belly of a whale… Daniel calmly sitting among the lions in their den…

These—and other—ancient narratives have been passed down from generation to generation. On the surface, they seem like wonderful stories for young children. But as adults, what are we to make of them?

How can we read scriptures that present the world in a way that is out-of-step with our understanding of science and history? How do we reconcile accounts of God committing or commanding genocide with the unconditional love shown in Jesus? Is it possible to embrace ancient Biblical stories in a way that is intellectually honest? Can we find new ways to understand these stories, and to teach them to our children?

During this six-week series, we will struggle with ancient Jewish scriptures that present problematic views of God and of the world. We will explore how these stories have been interpreted through the ages, and how we can find in them the love of God shown in Jesus.

On Sundays, May 19 and June 2, we will hold an informal time for discussion immediately after the service. Everyone is welcome to come to the front of the auditorium to ask questions and share perspectives on how we can make sense of some of these difficult ancient scriptures. On June 2, we will include a particular focus on issues related to teaching these stories to our children. Everybody welcome. Childcare available upon request.

Date Message Speaker
April 28 Adam and Eve Matthew Dyer
May 5 Noah and the Ark Matthew Dyer
May 12 Moses and the Exodus Ruth Campbell
May 19 David and Goliath Matthew Dyer
May 26 Jonah and the Whale Bryan Peterson
June 2 Daniel in the Lions’ Den Ruth Campbell