Peter, Paul, and John: Wrestling with Faith in Troubled Times

In this four-week series, we will look at three of the shortest books in the Christian Scriptures: letters written to fledgling communities of followers of Jesus in the first century. Each epistle is ascribed to one of three key leaders in this early Christian movement: Peter (we will look at 2 Peter), Paul (we will look at Philemon) and John (we will look at 2 John). Each of these leaders emphasized different aspects of faith, and developed communities that expressed faith in different ways in an era of great persecution, conflicting ideas about Jesus, and political instability. The various communities treasured these writings, remained true to their unique expression, and in some cases, may even have developed written material of their own. Out of this diversity and creativity came a treasure of Scripture that today challenges us, encourages us, and might even alarm us. Through this series we will look at some of the background to the writers and the church communities, and wrestle with the spiritual application of the varied content.

Date Content Speaker
June 4 Leaders, Communities, and their Writings Matthew Dyer
June 11 A Light in Dark Places (The Message of 2 Peter) Matthew Dyer
June 18 The Gospel Demands Reconciliation (The Message of Philemon) Ruth Campbell
June 25 Walk in Love (The Message of 2 John) Matthew Dyer