“God in Story”

Good stories have the power to move us, challenge us and open us up new awareness of ourselves and God. It is in the subtle art of storytelling that humanity often portrays its deepest longings, its greatest wonder, and its most heart-felt angst. These are all places that God shows up whether we recognize it or not. As a follow-on to our annual “God in the Movies” series, we will hold two “God in Story” services looking at well-known and colorful Bible stories. Discussion questions will be posted online each Sunday.

July 4 will be an indoor service with a zoom live-stream. (Programs for children under 12 will be held outdoors.) For planning purposes, please sign up in advance if you are attending in-person.

Date Message Speaker
June 27 Jonah Matthew Dyer
July 4 Parable of the Sower Matthew Dyer


Virtual Sunday Service

Although in-person services remain cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, we invite you to join us at 10 AM for our Sunday service via Zoom.


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