Our Approach to Giving

Serving our neighbors, helping the oppressed, and other aspects of our vision require resources to implement. Our giving is also a tangible expression of good stewardship, generosity, service, and discipleship. All of our resources—people, property, facilities and money—belong to God. and are dedicated to the pursuit of following Jesus and making the world a better place.

We take a positive, generous approach to money. We are very grateful to God for all we have been blessed with; and we hold our resources lightly, understanding they belong to God and are entrusted to us to use to bless others. Money is a tool to accomplish our vision, and not an end in itself. Therefore we seek to give, more than to receive; and to spend less on ourselves, and more on others. As agents of love, hope and peace, we want to use our money in ways that encourage, strengthen, and empower people.

The financial health of Cedar Ridge is the responsibility of us all. Everyone is encouraged to participate in giving in some way, no matter how rich or poor we are. We urge everyone to give as they are able, recognizing this varies between people and over time; and we encourage one another to become progressively more generous. However much we give, there is no place for judgment about people not giving their share; nor is there place for carelessness, neglecting to give, so others are left to make up the shortfall. 

Ways to Give

At Cedar Ridge we are working together as a community to live out our vision of hope and transformation. Whether we are helping people find help and healing, running a community farm, serving in Guatemala, creating a loving and life-changing program for our young people or developing deeper ways to grow spiritually, all these things cost money. And our money comes from within that same community–each one of us giving to the work of our church as generously as we are able. To view where our money is being spent this year, see the annual budget section below.

Please prayerfully consider your own role in financially supporting your spiritual community here at Cedar Ridge.

Online Giving

Make a one-time donation or set up a recurring gift through Pushpay, our secure online giving platform.

Giving through the Cedar Ridge App

Download the Cedar Ridge Community Church app for your iPhone or Android. Once you’ve set up your giving account, you can give in less than 10 seconds, no matter where you are.  Text cedarridge app to (833) 325-7963 and follow the link to download the app.


Text CEDARRIDGE to (833) 325-7963 and follow the link that you’ll receive. (Standard message and data rates may apply. Subject to the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.)

Give through Our Database

When you are logged into the database, select the “Give” option from the left menu and set up a one-time or recurring gift.

Automated Account Withdrawals

Schedule withdrawals from your bank account by downloading and completing this form, and returning it with a voided check to our bookkeeper.

Cash or Checks

Place an offering in one of the towers in the back of the auditorium or in one of the wooden boxes along the side walls. Checks can be made out to “CRCC” or “Cedar Ridge Community Church.” You may use an envelope (available at the wooden boxes) for cash gifts, and if you include your name and contact information on the envelope, we will include your donation on your annual giving statement. To mail in a contribution, send it to Bookkeeper, Cedar Ridge Community Church, 2410 Spencerville, MD 20868.

Matching Gifts

If you already give regularly, you may be able to multiply your giving through a donation matching program at your place of employment. Talk to your employer to find out what gifts qualify and how the process works. 

Our Annual Budget

Cedar Ridge is an extraordinarily generous community. Families and individuals at Cedar Ridge donated 78% of the income we brought in last year. We give to finance the vision to which we are committed. And we give as an expression of our vision—demonstrating good stewardship, generosity, service, and discipleship. Our budget goal for September 2023–August 2024 is to finance the annual plan priorities detailed below through community donations of $721,115, and rental income and grants amounting to $192,662, for a total operating budget of $913,777.

Worship Services—$104,478 In the storm of life, we often lose our bearings, but coming together as a diverse community each week helps us recalibrate and reorientate as we experience more of God through one another. In the coming year, we will assess and address potential obstacles to newcomers feeling welcome and integrated, and will develop our online presence to nurture deeper community for people who are unable to attend in person. We will continue to work to increase the diversity of our worship experience through expansion of the worship team, and integration of new song sources.

Children and Youth—$53,846 Young people matter and are a priority for us. Jesus was always championing the cause of those who were viewed as small, those who had no voice and could easily be overlooked. Many of his closest followers we almost certainly very young. In an age where young people increasingly find church irrelevant, we seek to listen, support and authentically encourage our children and youth. This year we will focus on strengthening community and friendship for parents and children, as well as better integrating youth into the vision of our church.

Prayer and Healing—$125,078 Through prayer, we experience the loving presence of God, which enables us to engage more healthily in the challenges, as well as the beauty of everyday life. We respond to the pain and suffering of both church members and our extended community through prayer, counseling, and practical support. Throughout the year, we will hold prayer practice evenings, quiet days and other contemplative events, and we will continue to promote prayer as an integral part of discipleship for people of all ages.

Small Groups—$10,578 Small groups provide a place to experience growth, community and servanthood. It’s in the small spaces that we feel vulnerable enough to be fully known and discover the delight of being fully loved. During the coming year, we will establish new, short-term discussion groups to allow people to connect with others. Existing groups will continue to focus on encouraging and supporting members, as well as celebrating life together.

Social Justice—$21,464 We want to do all we can to learn, act, speak and advocate for racial justice in our relationships, the systems in society in which we participate, and in our own church. We will continue to focus on activities related to racial and economic justice in public education, food access, and criminal justice reform, and will hold Churchwide Days of Service with a focus on the underlying justice issues that perpetuate need. We will continue community dialogue in various formats as part of the justice and healing process. And we will continue to seek out ways to support Greencastle Elementary, as well as other nearby schools requesting our assistance.

Farm—$27,925 The farm is a visible demonstration of our commitment to economic justice, and a place we can experience the mystery and beauty of God in nature, both individually and as a community serving together. We will continue our focus on promoting food justice issues through the farm and on celebrating the harvest. We will also continue to partner with Manna Food Center and Linkages to Learning to address food justice issues in our locality. And we will host school groups, youth groups, and other teams and individuals on our property to join us in this work.

Guatemala—$40,951 We will continue to focus on education through scholarships and support to schools, and the installation of solar panels in areas that don’t have electricity so children can study more easily. We will continue to strengthen our friendship with a people who are rooted in a closer connection to the earth, a deeper dependency on one another, and a very vulnerable relationship to God, and to struggle with them for a more just society, both here and there.

Local outreach—$58,005 We will continue to use seasonal mailers and roadside banners to inform local residents of events and activities, in addition to investigating the effectiveness of other forms of communication such as print, radio and online advertising. We will seek to identify local events that provide us with exposure to people who are looking for a community like ours. And we will again host our popular annual events—the Harvest Festival, and Christmas at the Barn—as well as other events to welcome people onto our property.

Facilities—$448,661 Our 63 acres of property is one of the few areas in our locality that is preserved for nature and restricted from new builds. We have woods, pollinator meadows, a solar farm, a vegetable garden, and fields that provide space for recreation. We share our space with our local community as they walk their dogs, journey on our meditation trail and labyrinth, and use our facilities for events. This year we will complete our restoration of the historic farmhouse as a multipurpose meeting space. We will also improve our management of non-native invasive plants, and highlight native flora and fauna along our trails to make the beauty and enjoyment of our property more accessible to all.