Heart Cries from the Cross: Lent 2023

February 26 – April 9

The authors of the gospels collectively record seven statements made by Jesus on the cross. These brief utterances are significant: They are a record of what Jesus said during the intense, agonizing, and vulnerable hours of his death. On the cross, Jesus was literally and figuratively stripped bare. From the darkness of pain and sorrow, he cried out. But these are more than “dying words”—rather they contain hope, love, and life itself.

Jesus’ words from the cross open a unique window into the heart and mind of God. Down through the centuries, people have studied them for their timeless truths. Moreover, they have experienced God’s presence in their own lives as they have meditated upon them. This Lent, we will take a contemplative approach to the gospel accounts of Jesus’ heart cries from the cross. We will invite God to speak to us afresh through them, to meet us in our vulnerability, and to help us become more like Jesus as we listen to him.


Date Message Speaker
February 26 The First Word of Forgiveness: “Father, Forgive Them” (Luke 23:32-38) Matthew
March 5 The Second Word of Hope: “Today You Will Be With Me in Paradise” (Luke 23:39-43) Matthew
March 12 The Third Word of Belonging: “Woman, Here is Your Son” (John 19:18-27) Ruth
March 19 The Fourth Word of Abandonment: “My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?” (Mark 15:24-37) Matthew
March 26 The Fifth Word of Distress: “I Am Thirsty” (John 19:28-30) Ruth
April 2 (Palm Sunday) The Sixth Word of Accomplishment: “It is Finished” (John 19:30-37) Matthew
April 9 (Easter Sunday) The Seventh Word of Union: “Father, Into Your Hands I Commit My Spirit” (Luke 23:44-24:8) Various

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