Upcoming Series: June 13-28

Psalms: A Soundtrack for Our Lives

The psalms were not intended to be read, but to be sung. Written thousands of years ago, these songs reflect the very real and often relatable thoughts and emotions of people trying to make sense of life. Although the melodies have long since been lost, the lyrics speak of both the presence and absence of God; the beauty of creation and joy of life, as well as anger at injustice, grief in loss, and fear of the future. Different psalms are likely to resonate with us at various times, forming a soundtrack for our life’s journey.

This 3-week mini-series will explore a selection of psalms and the themes they raise. Sunday messages will feature interviews with community members about their current perspectives and connection to God, and how that has changed over the course of their lives. Throughout the series, we will seek to let the poetry of the psalms stir our hearts and help us draw closer to God and to one another.

Date Message Speaker
June 14 Held: Psalm 40 Matthew Dyer, featuring an interview with Steve Mather
June 21 Known: Psalm 139

Ruth Campbell, featuring an interview with Darren Freeman-Coppadge

June 28 Accepted: Psalm 65

Matthew Dyer, featuring an interview with Jennifer Hair