Next Series Begins October 13: Joy Ride – A Journey Through Philippians

The first church started by the apostle Paul in Europe was in Philippi, a Roman colony in northern Greece. This community of believers, founded around 51 A.D., became a very generous partner in Paul’s ongoing missionary work. With much affection and gratitude, Paul writes this letter while imprisoned, perhaps 8 or 9 years after his first visit to Philippi. In addition to thanking them for their ongoing support, Paul seeks to encourage the believers to have joyful confidence in Christ, even in the midst of external opposition and internal conflict.

Paul longs for the Philippians to think like Christ, live like Christ, and love like Christ. He expresses deep confidence that Christ is at work in their lives, transforming them into his likeness—and that this is a reason for great joy! During this six-week series, we will look at how we can become more like Christ, and we will celebrate God’s work in our own lives and those of others in our community. Together, we will identify and commit to practical, simple ways to incorporate mindfulness and gratitude into our everyday lives, confident that God “who began a good work in us will bring it to completion” (Philippians 1:6).

Date Theme Speaker
Oct 13 Introduction Ruth Campbell
Oct 20 Philippians 1: Joy in Christ Brian McLaren
Oct 27 Philippians 2: Humble like Christ Matthew Dyer
Nov 3 Churchwide Day of Service: Serving like Christ N/A
Nov 10 Philippians 3: Devoted to Christ Matthew Dyer
Nov 17 Philippians 4: United in Christ Ruth Campbell