Our Plans


Our Annual Plan

Our annual plan is derived from an extensive, churchwide, strategic planning process that led to the development of the Cedar Ridge Strategic Plan.

The goal for this year is to be a community where everyone is increasingly able to experience God, individually and corporately​.

As followers of Jesus, we dare to dream of heaven on earth in this way. We long for God’s presence, we long to feel God’s love, we long to see the world in this fuller way, and we long to flow in the current of this divine life. But we also struggle to experience this reality, and our struggle can turn to disappointment and even disillusionment at times.

So this year, as a whole church community, we are going to resolutely commit ourselves to growing in the art of experiencing more of God’s love and presence. If we could each enlarge our capacity to experience and share this love (even just a little), imagine the kind of transformation it could bring in our own lives and the world! Together we will help one another grow through all kinds of intentional practices, like silence, solitude, fasting, and mindfulness, as well as gratefulness, celebration, and the joy of friendship. We will also seek to heighten our awareness of God’s presence in the flow of our everyday experience as we encounter all the beauty and all the challenges that life brings.

The objectives for this year are therefore as follows:

    1. To develop a sustained rhythm of spiritual practice that helps us all grow in awareness of and immersion in God’s love.
    2. To grow in our ability to perceive and share God’s love in all the daily experiences of our regular lives.

Let’s embrace the next 12 months as an adventure—a journey into more of God. Let’s commit together to take on and stick with practices that make space for God to become more real to us—practices that may well transcend our normal thoughts and feelings, but are grounded in our real lives, making us all better people: better friends, better family members, better workers, better neighbors. Let’s dare to dream of heaven on earth!


Our Strategic Plans

In 2016 and 2017, Cedar Ridge Pastoral Team and Board worked through a strategic planning process in collaboration with other teams and leaders across our church. As part of this process, 10 papers were developed to identify the challenges in our main areas of ministry. The papers can be accessed through the links below: