Our Plans


Our Annual Plan

Our annual plan is derived from an extensive, churchwide, strategic planning process that led to the development of the Cedar Ridge Strategic Plan.

The goal for this year is to be an inspiring community that supports each and every member, and that is growing through outreach to friends and neighbors.

Our fractured and polarized society is in need of reconciliation like never before, and in the year ahead we will focus as a community on playing our part in that healing process. Firstly, we will continue to strive to be a truly diverse and accepting community where all people are valued and given a voice. To that end, we will continue our work in racial justice, and we will seek to integrate the needs and perspectives of older adults, children, and youth. We will also specifically work to renew and strengthen our vision and programs for children and youth. This intergenerational focus will be reflected in our churchwide activities and Sunday services, as well as in our decision-making as a community. In addition, we remain resolutely committed to welcoming and affirming all people, regardless of beliefs, gender, sexuality or ethnicity.

Secondly, we will reach out beyond our church community and strive to become better friends, better family members, better workers, and better neighbors. We want to share the hope, healing and creative possibility that following Jesus means. So, we will intentionally work to be good news in our families, neighborhoods, schools and workplaces, and invite others into our movement of healing and reconciliation.

The objectives for this year are therefore as follows:

  1. To be an intentionally inclusive community that celebrates and seeks to learn from all our members—providing particular support to children and youth, older adults, and those who are marginalized
  2. To increasingly reach out in friendship to people outside of our community—to grow in confidence, skills, and motivation to share our vision through our relationships with others

All of this will take each of us stepping up to own our vision in new ways. Change begins with us, so let’s each embrace the challenge to reach across the various barriers within our own church community and reach out to love and serve our neighbors.

Our Strategic Plans

In 2016 and 2017, Cedar Ridge Pastoral Team and Board worked through a strategic planning process in collaboration with other teams and leaders across our church. As part of this process, 10 papers were developed to identify the challenges in our main areas of ministry. The papers can be accessed through the links below: