Our Annual Plan

Our current plan (also available as a Word document) is derived from an extensive, churchwide, strategic planning process that led to the development of the Cedar Ridge Strategic Plan (as a Word document). Normally we develop a plan for a whole year, but we are currently in some unique circumstances. The COVID-19 pandemic means that many of our usual church activities and avenues are very restricted. Despite some loosening of restrictions, we still face a lot of uncertainty about the future. So this year we will plan in smaller timeframes—initially just the first quarter from September to November.

The goal for the year is to work together for social justice, empowered by an ongoing experience of God’s unconditional love.

The COVID-19 pandemic presents huge challenges to us as a community as we seek to love and serve the world. In addition to the impact felt on our own community, it has revealed afresh the abject inequity in our society. A commitment to the pursuit of racial and economic justice is not new to Cedar Ridge, and it will remain for us a priority beyond the scope of this planning period: We are in this for the long haul. But the impact of COVID-19 and the recent well publicized incidents of police brutality have heightened awareness of the systems of injustice in our society, exposed complicity, stimulated empathy, and strengthened momentum for change. We want to seize this opportunity to focus our efforts on strengthening our existing justice work (through the farm, Guatemala, our partnership with Greencastle, and education funding issues), and develop new corporate and individual initiatives to enable us to take action.

The pandemic has forced us all into a different rhythm of life, and given us an opportunity to reflect and look at things differently. In some ways this is limiting and disappointing. But it is also an opportunity for us to leverage the time to dig deeper personally and corporately with regard to our goal for the year. This includes doing the internal work of owning injustice and our involvement in it, and committing to change and action. It also means remembering that we are partnering with God in bringing hope and healing to our society. We share the work with Jesus, whose yoke is easy and burden is light (Matthew 11:29). Therefore, we will seek to draw on the strength and courage Jesus brings, setting aside intentional time to connect with God and take care of ourselves through prayer, rest and relaxation.

We share the work with one another too. Fighting injustice is too heavy a burden for any individual to bear alone—but we are not alone. We are in this together, and in the coming months, we will continue to seek to create a supportive, nonjudgmental environment, in which we can both challenge and encourage one another. We will seek to extend opportunities for honesty, vulnerability and mutual learning, and allow each other the time and space we each need to grow.

The first quarter objectives that contribute to our goal are to

  1. Renew and recalibrate our commitment to social justice
  2. Renew our spiritual lives, and revitalize our capacity and energy for our work

As we pursue these objectives, we will also remain responsive to changing needs caused by the pandemic both within and beyond our community.

Our Strategic Plan

In 2016 and 2017, Cedar Ridge Pastoral Team and Board worked through a strategic planning process in collaboration with other teams and leaders across our church. As part of this process, 10 papers were developed to identify the challenges in our main areas of ministry. The papers can be accessed through the links below: