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Our Annual Plan

Our plans are derived from an extensive, churchwide, strategic planning process that led to the development of the Cedar Ridge Strategic Plan (also available as a Word document). This year’s plan (also available as a Word document) covers the period September 2021 – August 2022. Our goal is to be good news to one another and in our community through emotional support, practical help and advocacy. We will aim to achieve this goal by (i) growing in our confidence and ability to support others emotionally and practically; (ii) working with our partners on specific advocacy efforts to address systemic inequities; and (iii) treasuring our life together through community events.

The pandemic has been such a dominant force in our lives for the past 20 months, and we have all struggled in different ways—we’ve experienced the loss of loved ones, and the disruption of work, family and social life, and we’ve lived under a cloud of fear. We’ve also seen horrendous inequities in our culture exposed, and seen friends and neighbors struggle, too. But we have also prevailed—as a church family we have rallied together to support one another, to stay close, and to reach out to our local community whenever we’ve been able. And in this new space, we are also reflecting on how our values and priorities have been challenged—we are seeing what we truly treasure more clearly, and perhaps rediscovering meaning in our lives.

Jesus came bringing good news to a people who were tired, disappointed, oppressed, and felt forgotten. Jesus lived life with these people and, although he never promised life would be easy, he invited everyone to share in this good news—to both receive hope and healing, and give it away to others. As followers of Jesus and as fellow strugglers, we have all experienced this good news—it has sustained us and kept us. So, as we look ahead to the coming year, we want to nurture that hope and healing within us, and treasure the life it gives us. We want to share this good news with our friends, family, neighbors and coworkers who have also experienced emotional loss and isolation, economic hardship, and even a sense of despair. And we want to be agents of change in our culture that is reeling from the pain of injustice and inequity, and longing for healing.

Our Strategic Plan

In 2016 and 2017, Cedar Ridge Pastoral Team and Board worked through a strategic planning process in collaboration with other teams and leaders across our church. As part of this process, 10 papers were developed to identify the challenges in our main areas of ministry. The papers can be accessed through the links below: