Welcome to Cedar Ridge! Thank you for checking out our website.

We are a diverse group of people in the Baltimore/Washington area who simply believe a better world is possible and are doing all we can to make that real, both for us and those around us. We are located in central Montgomery county, just north of Silver Spring. We meet as a church community on Sundays at 10 AM. Our service lasts for about 75 minutes, and we have programs for all ages—including children and teenagers. Here’s some information to help you plan your visit. I hope to get to meet you soon.

We are followers of Jesus of Nazareth, and we passionately believe that God loves everyone with no exceptions. Although we are not a very “religious” community, we take our faith very seriously. We don’t think spirituality should be pushy or forced, and we are honest about our doubts and struggles. So we create space for everyone to ask questions, to wrestle with the bigger issues of life, and to go at their own pace.

With a hopeful outlook, we are passionate about becoming better people and working to help make the world a better place, so on this website you will find a lot of information about how we go about that and how you can join in. Below you’ll find a brief summary of some of the things we do, and you can click on those links and explore this site in general to find out a lot more information.

Our vision is a good place to start in learning about our church community. We see ourselves on a journey of change: it begins with each one of us personally because none of us is perfect; we all have different problems, and we all contribute to what is wrong with the world. We are finding that God’s love can change us, and in the process of being changed we can share this love by serving the world around us in very tangible ways.

We are located on 63 acres of beautiful, protected property, both forest and meadows, where we also run a small community farm. Each year we grow several thousand pounds of organic fruit and vegetables which we give to hungry local families and homeless shelters.

We partner with a town in Guatemala called Ipala. We sponsor schools, help build houses, and have a number of health projects. Most of all, however, we have built friendships with the people there through regular visits—we find that we receive and learn way more than we give.

We meet together in groups during the week close to the areas we live, and enjoy rich friendship together. Sometimes life can be hard, and we need help and support from others. Often enough, though, life is beautiful, and we want to celebrate and have fun together. This all happens in these groups.

There are many other ways to get involved, so be sure to check out our calendar of events, or fill out a Connect Card to receive important updates about upcoming events, our monthly email (The Loop), and our Quarterly Newsletter.

I hope you find this site helpful—we hope you will stop by and visit us on a Sunday. I look forward to hopefully meeting you soon.

Matthew Dyer

Lead Pastor