We believe that each person is a unique and sacred, being created in the very image of God. God is lovingly calling every person into a personal, unique and dynamic relationship.  Jesus urged his followers to respond to that call by following him with everything they have.  He promised that the pursuit of knowing God and becoming like Jesus is the path to peace and abundant life.

Following Jesus is a journey—it’s a process of learning to love, grow and serve that lasts a lifetime.  While at times it’s exhilarating and joy-filled, there are also times when it feels difficult and painful.  But if we allow Jesus to lead us and if we persist with a desire to engage with God and others authentically, openly and passionately, this journey becomes life’s greatest adventure—a quest to become real and truly alive, and all that God created us to be.

People at Cedar Ridge come from many backgrounds. Some have been committed Christians for many years and they come from many denominations across the spectrum: from Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic to Mainline Protestant, Evangelical, and Charismatic. Many are here who come from other traditions of faith, and some who are exploring their spirituality for the first time.

Journey is a focused opportunity to explore our path at Cedar Ridge—how we are seeking to follow Jesus through our unique vision for discipleship: the ways we seek to practice and live out a life together of community, spiritual growth and servanthood.  It’s a time for getting to know pastors and others at CRCC and to explore our history, vision and values, and an opportunity to discuss aspects of the Christian life and to share our own spiritual journeys with one another.

Our next Journey will be held on Sunday March 3 from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM. Sign up below to attend or to find out more.

I am so grateful for Cedar Ridge. In my time here I have struggled and been a grand mess at times. But week by week, year by year, I transform. The inner false ideas of a scowling, disapproving God that held me ransom fade. This is a journey of discovery. It is like finding out all your fondest wishes of a loving God were true all along. It is coming home.