Message: “The Miracles of Jesus” from Matthew Dyer

A message from the series “The Meaning of Miracles.” Pablo Picasso famously said, “Everything is a miracle. It is a miracle that one does not dissolve in one’s bath like a lump of sugar.” But some things go beyond our current understanding of how the natural world operates. And when supernatural events occur that bring hope, healing or joy, we call them miracles.
Through this series, we examine some of the accounts of Jesus’ miraculous interactions with people, nature, and even objects. We look at the impact of the interaction on the characters in the story, and how they made sense of what was happening. We study Jesus’ own words about what these miracles meant, and reflect on how they might impact our lives today. In this introductory week, we explore what we mean by “miracles.”

Daniel in the Lions’ Den

A message from the series “A Fresh Look at Scary Bible Stories.” How can we read scriptures that present the world in a way that is out-of-step with our understanding of science and history? How do we reconcile accounts of God committing or commanding genocide with the unconditional love shown in Jesus? Is it possible to embrace ancient Biblical stories in a way that is intellectually honest? Can we find new ways to understand these stories, and to teach them to our children?

During this six-week series, we struggle with ancient Jewish scriptures that present problematic views of God and of the world. We explore how these stories have been interpreted through the ages, and how we can find in them the love of God shown in Jesus. In this final week, we examine the story of Daniel in the lions’ den.