Message: “Engaging in the Mission” from Matthew Dyer

A message from the series “GodQuest.” Game 2: The God we are seeking to experience through GodQuest is Love. Love is the currency of the game, and it grows by being exchanged. You can build up the supply of love in the game by interacting with other players in various ways, including (i) serving them, and (ii) appreciating being served by them. Your challenge is to find opportunities to serve and to appreciate being served. NOTE: Opportunities may be smaller and more frequent than you expect!

Message: “Exploring the Territory” from Matthew Dyer

A message from the series “GodQuest.” Game 1: The God we are seeking to experience through GodQuest is already present in every part of the game. Your challenge is to identify the clues as you explore the terrain in which the game is played. Clues may be hidden in several areas, including nature, art, science, and music. To identify the clues, you will need to employ the Wonder tool. NOTE: All players have access to this tool. Younger players may be able to access the tool more easily, and can serve as a resource for this game.

Message: “What’s for Lunch?” from Ruth Campbell

A message from the series “The Meaning of Miracles.” Pablo Picasso famously said, “Everything is a miracle. It is a miracle that one does not dissolve in one’s bath like a lump of sugar.” But some things go beyond our current understanding of how the natural world operates. And when supernatural events occur that bring hope, healing or joy, we call them miracles.

Through this six-week series, we examine some of the accounts of Jesus’ miraculous interactions with people, nature, and even objects. We look at the impact of the interaction on the characters in the story, and how they made sense of what was happening. We study Jesus’ own words about what these miracles meant, and will reflect on how they might impact our lives today. In this final week, we take an all-ages, interactive approach to the story of the feeding of the 5,000.