Upcoming Series: Hope and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

In some ways, the world is a dark and scary place. Dystopian books and movies express our fears of chaos and suffering caused by conflict, disease, natural disasters, and environmental catastrophe. The vivid imagery of the four horsemen of the apocalypse from the ancient book of Revelation has long featured in popular culture—emblematic of a breakdown of social order and the ushering in of a violent and desperate future.

Through media access, we are increasingly exposed to the devastating impact of poverty, famine, earthquakes, floods and war. None of us is untouched by suffering and death, and the anxiety that surround them. Given this reality, what place is there for hope? Can we honestly explore the topics of the environment, war, poverty and death, and find reasons to believe that good can overcome evil? Can hope in God empower us to stand fearlessly in the path of the 4 horsemen?

Date Message Speaker
Oct. 29 First Horseman–Conquest:

Hope and the Environment

Melanie Griffin
Nov. 5 Second Horseman–War:

Hope in the Midst of Conflict

Matthew Dyer
Nov. 12 Third Horseman–Famine:

Hope and Global Poverty

Ruth Campbell
Nov. 19 Fourth Horseman–Death

Hope in Sickness and Death

Matthew Dyer


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