In this series, we will make the case for living the selfless life that Jesus called us to. In one sense, as followers of Jesus, we don’t need any persuading about the need for this. Yet in reality we often find ourselves reacting, responding and behaving in ways that are anxious and insecure, with self-protection and promotion at their core. Ironically, our reflex to put ourselves first often stems from the internal disquiet we have about ourselves—we are not convinced that we are lovable and therefore have to protect and promote ourselves to compensate.

Each week throughout the series, we will begin from and return to the fundamental concept of “original blessing”: we are all children of God, bearers of the divine image and deeply loved. We are also not perfect, and we will explore “goodness” as a journey—the practice of engaging with and working at our imperfection—rather than as a fixed immutable characteristic. This empowers us to have compassion on ourselves as well as on others (as we begin to see them in a similar process too). It also challenges us to work at the hard process of change, to engage with our imperfections, to partner with God in our transformation, and to replace old well-worn habits with new healthier ones. Each week we will look at a different practical challenge: ways in which we all too easily fall into the selfish behavior spiral, and how we can find new creative ways forward.


Date Message Speaker
Aug 6 …But it Starts with Me Matthew Dyer
Aug 13 Moving from Self-Pity to Servanthood Matthew Dyer
Aug 20 Moving from Criticism to Encouragement Matthew Dyer
Aug 27 Moving from Resentment to Forgiveness Matthew Dyer
Sept 3 Moving to God as Center Ruth Campbell
Sept 10 Moving from Cynicism to Hope Ruth Campbell

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