The six weeks of Lent commemorate the 40 days Jesus spent being tempted in the wilderness. To Jesus’ first followers, these 40 days brought to mind the 40-year journey of the Jewish people from captivity in Egypt through the wilderness to freedom. Through both of these stories, we understand Lent as a season of resistance. It is a time to identify ways we are tempted to compromise God’s call to partner in the work of bringing healing and reconciliation to the world. It is a time to repent of our passive participation in systems of injustice and practices that fuel enmity and polarization. It is a time to commit to change that brings more freedom into our lives and the lives of those around us. As we prepare for Easter, we choose to participate in God’s work of breaking the chains of injustice, apathy, hostility, despair—even the chains of death itself!

Through this series, we will look at how Jesus modeled the seamless connection between compassion and action. We will learn from how he dealt with opposition—not hesitating to confront his critics, but always from an attitude of love rather than judgment. We will identify ways to engage without becoming overwhelmed or paralyzed by the scope and scale of injustice. Recognizing that God has called each of us—in all our uniqueness—to partner in the work of liberation, we will explore opportunities to use our particular skills and temperaments to join with others in taking initiative and creating momentum. Together, we will celebrate being part of a community that is seeking to be the change we want to see in the world.

Week 1: Contemplation and Action – Matthew Dyer

Week 2: The Art of Conversation – Ruth Campbell

Week 3: Overwhelmed by Injustice – Ruth Campbell and Melinda Anderson

Week 4: Finding our Niche – Matthew Dyer

Week 5: Day of Service

Week 6: Palm Sunday

Download the challenge group materials here.


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