Advent Series Begins December 2: Through Their Eyes

This Advent season, we will celebrate the story of Christmas from the perspective of some of the “smaller” characters. We’ll begin with Mary and Joseph in an all-ages interactive service on the First Sunday of Advent: December 2. They were an unremarkable couple from a backwater town in the Middle East, who went on a journey that changed world! We’ll then move on to look at the story through the eyes of the notorious Inn-Keeper who has gone down in history as the one who turned away this “Holy Couple”! But perhaps in all his stress, busyness and lack of resources, he did the one small, positive thing he could—and it made a difference. We’ll also consider Simeon: an old man who was desperately holding onto hope that God would reach out in love to help a country that seemed to be going down the tubes. And Elizabeth: a woman who surprisingly became pregnant in later life, and had to contend with a husband who was struck dumb! Then on Christmas Eve, we’ll all join together for our traditional candlelit carol service to celebrate the birth of Jesus: a small, vulnerable, powerless baby who brought love and light that overcomes all fear and hatred.

Throughout the series, we’ll reflect on our own personal stories in light of these characters and the impact they made in a much bigger narrative than they could possibly see or feel. We’ll remind ourselves that ordinary people like us, doing small things with great love, can change the world. And together we’ll embrace the traditional Advent themes to renew our hope that a world full of peace, love and joy is not only possible, but at hand!

Date Message Speaker
Dec. 2 A Short Journey That Changes Everything Various
Dec. 9 An Inn-Keeper Under Pressure Bryan
Dec. 16 An Old Man Who Never Gives Up Matthew
Dec. 23 A Woman Who Celebrates The Impossible Ruth
Dec. 24 Christmas Eve Service Matthew
Dec. 30 New Year Service Matthew


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