The Prayer Walk

The Cedar Ridge Prayer Walk gives you an opportunity to integrate prayer and reflection with a forty to fifty-minute walk around the 63 acre property.  You can do the prayer in silence, or you can do it conversationally with a friend or two or three.  A prayer walk guide is sitting in a mailbox at the gazebo adjacent to the barn where prayer station #1 is located. Take the guide with you along the path.
Use the Guide

Welcome to the Prayer Walk

Each stop on this prayer walk invites you to notice aspects of God’s creation that may give you a greater awareness of both the present moment and the patterns in your life. Suggested responses are arranged in two tracks: one for adults and youth, and one for children. Jesus indicated that children have a special connection to the spiritual realm, so don’t let your age keep you from trying out the children’s track!

Take your time, and don’t be limited by the text. Look around and notice things that aren’t mentioned on the signs. The most rewarding moments in your walk may come from surprises that can’t be anticipated. Use all of your senses as you open yourself to the healing, peaceful presence of the Divine.

“Reading about nature is fine, but if a person walks in the woods and listens carefully, he can learn more than what is in books, for they speak with the voice of God. “

George Washington Carver

A 45-Minute Guided Walk Around Our 63-Acre Property

As you walk, you are invited to notice elements of God’s creation around you, and let them stimulate you to prayer and reflection—in silence, or conversationally with friends. Don’t hurry: notice things around you. The most rewarding moments in your walk may come from surprises no one could anticipate.

To ensure a safe walk, wear sturdy shoes, and bring a bottle of water and your cell phone.

Getting Started
A mowed pathway connects 17 white posts throughout the property. On each post are suggested responses in 2 tracks—a track for adults and youth, and one designed specifically for children. Maps and a labyrinth brochure are available in a mailbox at the gazebo. Feel free to take them with you along the path.  


Station 1: The Gazebo Garden Area

This is adjacent to our historic barn—built in 1910—and offers a restful view of hills, labyrinth and meadows



Station 2: Labyrinth

This stop is far enough away from traffic and noise, but close enough to access easily. The labyrinth is an ancient meditative art form that can be used as a metaphor of our life journey.



Station 3: Bluebird houses

Bluebird houses: A quiet stop east of the labyrinth, this station is on the edge of our property.



Station 4: Second valley/white pine
You have progressed along the fence line down a hill and up a second hill to arrive at a beautiful view of the property.


Station 5: Corner fence post
 This is located at the turn of our fence line and property.


Station 6: Woodlands

Just a step into the forest, this station now begins the steep walk in the woods.


Station 7: Steep slope

As you head down the steep slope toward the stream, it is a narrow but beautiful walk in all seasons.


Station 8: Brook
This is at the end of the slope that brings you to a bench by the stream.


Station 9: Rocks and ferns
This is a few steps west along the stream, and is a lovely area with green ferns and white rocks.


Station 10: Silence
This is the last station before the climb back up the terrain to exit the woods.


Station 11: Climb

A bench under a tree is in the middle of your walk out of the woods. Continue to the top of the hill, to the point where you are just out of the forest and back into the fields.


Station 12: Space to move

You are officially out of the woods. Proceed to your right along the tree line, go down and then turn right along a path up the hill to a wooden flagpole and fire circle.


Station 13: Fire circle
You will notice a fire circle in an open area where people sometimes go camping.


Station 14: Honeybee hives

We installed hives on our property in 2008 to help promote a healthy natural environment.


Station 15: Solar farm
The solar farm is designed to provide 350 families with energy. Go to the right side of the church building, crossing the parking lots, to the front of the old farmhouse.


Station 16: Front porch of the farm house
We are currently working with the Historic Preservation Society to restore this once-beautiful farmhouse, built in 1855.


Station 17: Dairy barn
The barn is now restored to serve as a meeting area for our youth, and a rental space for a school, church, and functions.