The Labyrinth

Located along the prayer walk on 63 acres of pastoral meadows and woods, the labyrinth at Cedar Ridge is a sacred place of beauty and peace where people come to draw closer to God.  All are welcome to walk the winding path of the labyrinth –an ancient spiritual practice dating back thousands of years.

Spiritual seekers throughout the ages have traveled to sacred places bathed in beauty, power, and mystery in order to seek the Presence of God. Through this quest that is both a spiritual and physical pilgrimage, growth and healing happen not in the arriving, but in the moving — in the journey itself.

Jesus offered a unique and radically different message about Divine Presence. Jesus taught that the dwelling of the Living God is not primarily in a shrine, a building, or any external place, but in each human heart. The journey toward Divine Presence for a follower of Jesus is in many ways an inward journey—not toward some physical destination, but to the deepest center of the soul.

A labyrinth is an ancient prayer tool that symbolizes for many people of faith this mysterious journey to the center of the self where the Divine Light dwells.

Why Walk the Labyrinth?

Seekers bring many different yearnings and needs to a labyrinth. Some seek healing for hurts of the past, and some bring questions about life choices. Others seek comfort for a loss, courage for a challenge, or renewed passion for their vocation or a relationship. Many seek to calm a spiritual restlessness and a longing to uncover hidden gifts or to hear and follow a new calling. Each experience of the labyrinth is its own journey and will be unique.

Meditatively following the labyrinth’s one continuous path to the center guides the seeker into stillness and peace, especially as the mind is joined with the intuition, beyond thoughts and words. Walking the labyrinth allows thoughts to quiet and the deep longings of the heart to be heard. Both movement and vision help to aid concentration in the one goal of seeking God – with each step forward, there may be a letting go of self-centered programs for satisfaction and success, and a receptivity to moving God-ward—collecting scattered thoughts, aligning external senses with internal desire, and ushering the body, mind and spirit into prayer.

When I enter the Labyrinth, I feel full of myself–when I leave the Labyrinth, I feel full of God and my connection to all things.  As I walk the Labyrinth path—which always leads you to the center—I grow in my awareness that I am connected and part of a larger and beautiful story.  This hope and this peace keeps me returning.


FROM I-95: Take Route 198 West to Burtonsville (I-95 exit #33B). Continue west across Route 29. Go 2 miles past Route 29. Cedar Ridge will be on your right.

FROM THE WASHINGTON BELTWAY:Take Colesville Road/Rt.29 North toward White Oak. Continue on Route 29 for about 9 miles. You will pass the White Oak Shopping Center (on the right), the Bell Atlantic complex (on the left), Fairland Road, Briggs Chaney, and Greencastle Road. (Watch signs carefully – there is presently construction on Route 29.) Watch for the signs showing an exit-only lane to the right leading you to Route 198.  Take that exit, and at the light at the end of the ramp, you will take a left onto Route 198. Go 2 miles. Cedar Ridge is on the right.

If you visit with children, please stop by the Cedar Ridge Kids’ table which is located to your left as you enter the building. Most Sundays, younger children (infant through 5th grade) can attend an age-appropriate program while adults are in the service.

You can register at the table where you and your child will receive a nametag and a temporary identification number. We will notify you if you are needed during the service with a number which will appear on a monitor above the projection screens. A volunteer at the Children’s Ministry Table will let you know what need your child has. When you pick up your child after church, you may turn in your number.

Children of all ages are also always welcome in our main service. If your pre-schooler will be joining you in the service, you may borrow a ‘Big Church Bag’ with some quiet toys and activities. The bags are handed out at the Cedar Ridge Kids' table.  Our service allows time for moving around, as well as being still, and sitting on the floor or stretching your legs around the room are encouraged!

Read more about our programs for children

We welcome your middle or high school student to visit us too! Middle and High School Groups meet in the barn which is located on the right as you approach the main building.

Middle School is comprised of 6th-8th graders and meets on the lower level of the barn. High School meets in the upper level of the barn. Both groups meet for the entire service. Students and parents can agree on where they wish to meet after the service–either in the barn or main building.

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