Ruth Campbell - September 3, 2023

The Woman Who Washed Jesus' Feet

In this last week of the series, we explored the story in Luke's Gospel of the woman who washed Jesus' feet.

From Series: "Stories of Faith"

In our recent series on the book of James, A Wiser Way to Live, we considered faith as a rootedness, centeredness, or higher consciousness that is lived out in the ups and downs of life. Through our God in the Movies series, we used stories to illuminate deep and timely spiritual themes. Building on both these series, we will focus on stories of faith in the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures to investigate what faith can look like in action, and to be inspired by the challenges and benefits it brings. From the calling of Abraham to the struggles of the early church, faith has stepped out, stepped up, held on, and let go in countless acts of courage and wisdom. As we reflect on these stories, may we, too, be encouraged and challenged to live faithfully.

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