Ruth Campbell - September 16, 2018

Our Part in the Great Adventure

According to protestant theologians writing in the 17thcentury, the chief end of humankind is to love and enjoy God forever. Each of us is made uniquely in the image of God, and we therefore enjoy and are enjoyed by God in a distinctive, personal manner. This may be expressed in so many ways—such as how we exercise our creativity, our sense of humor, our varied relationships, and our recognition of God in the countless “little” things of everyday life. We each bring our distinctive outlook on life and insights into the divine mystery to Cedar Ridge. And together we create a truly unique community! We are a community that seeks to bring God’s reconciling love to our workplaces and neighborhoods, and that views following Jesus as something that impacts every area of our lives. We value authenticity—honestly and humbly acknowledging our doubts and questions, and embracing mystery. And we are committed to diversity and to the loving acceptance and inclusion of everyone. We all have a role to play in our community—our presence matters. Our smiles and words of encouragement have more impact than we can imagine. Our contributions—no matter how “small” or hidden—make a difference. We—ordinary people like you and I—are Cedar Ridge.

Scripture References: Psalms 10:10-13

From Series: "Adventures in Happiness"

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