Ruth Campbell - February 20, 2022


Goodreads: The Bible

This week, we continue the series, "Goodreads: The Bible," focusing on some of its major purposes.

From Series: "Goodreads: The Bible"

The Bible is the best-selling book of all time, and currently over 100 million copies are purchased worldwide each year. But this “book” is really an anthology comprised of historical records, poems, prophetic orations, legal documents, letters and more. These texts—written by scores of authors over a period of about a thousand years—were edited and reworked, copied and translated, compiled and organized, and hotly debated throughout the centuries to produce the volume we recognize today. But how did these ancient texts, written in languages and cultural contexts very dissimilar to our own, come to be viewed as sacred by so many people? And in what way are they relevant to those of us living in the Washington DC area in 2022? Through this three-week mini series, we will trace the development of the Bible, and look at the major themes of this divinely inspired and yet very human book. Recognizing the need to handle Scripture carefully and prayerfully, we will survey historic practices that seek the help of the Holy Spirit to reveal the timeless truths of these texts. And we will hear from some of our own community members how Scripture has been meaningful in their lives.

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