Ruth Campbell - February 12, 2023

God is Light

Today we look at what it means for God to be Light, and the call for us, too, to be the light of the world.

From Series: "God in Real Life"

The First Letter of John was written around the turn of the first century to a community struggling with what faithfulness to Jesus looked like in real life. The letter encourages and challenges the community in light of bitter disagreements, rival factions, and people leaving the movement. Some—who held a view that the material world is inherently evil and corrupt—claimed Jesus was a divine spirit who only seemed to appear as a human being. The author of the letter emphatically refutes this, and points back to the community’s tradition that began with someone who had actually seen, touched, and listened to Jesus over a prolonged period of time. The author claims Jesus is God’s Love coming into the world, not to remove us from our humanity, but joining with us in it, to fulfill all our inherent beauty and wonder. The purpose of following Jesus is not to escape this world, but to live real life here and now. In this series we will explore what it means to embody Love ourselves, and to practically live out Jesus’ “new” commandment to “love one another” above all else.

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