Matthew Dyer - September 9, 2018

The Great Adventure

One way or another we are all seeking happiness. A sense of wellbeing and contentment is often the major driving force in our lives, whether we are always conscious of it or not. But happiness is also illusive. Many of the things that seem to promise happiness (like material wealth, popularity or status) often fail to deliver, and the resulting dissatisfaction can drive us to greater frustration as we seek those same things even harder. Jesus offers an alternative and opens up a way of living that moves us away from self-centered pursuits and set us on a journey of love for others as well as ourselves. Paradoxically, such a life requires us to take the risk of not putting our own needs or happiness first. But this is not a negative life of self-neglect. Rather as we give our lives away, we find them. In this new way of personal growth, authentic relationships and service to others, we find a deeper meaning and a greater purpose to life that brings happiness. Not a fleeting happiness that’s dependent on any given circumstance, but a deeper experience that transcends the ups and downs of life and might perhaps best be called joy. As followers of Jesus at Cedar Ridge we encourage one another to take this risk and to set out on this adventure in happiness. In fact everything we do here is an invitation into this paradoxical journey. It’s an invitation to partner with God in bringing healing to a broken world, and to let that healing begin with us. It’s a higher calling to live a life of meaning, purpose and fulfillment. It’s a journey we walk together, and our church is a community where we can each make this our reality. So a commitment to our vision is a commitment to live this incredible adventure!

Scripture References: Psalms 10:10-13

From Series: "Adventures in Happiness"

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