Ruth Campbell - August 7, 2022

Elemental Spirituality: Earth

Today we consider the origins of the 4 "classical elements" of earth, wind, fire and water, and look at what earth reveals to us of God.

From Series: "Elemental Spirituality"

For millennia the elements of earth, wind, fire, and water have captured the imagination of humanity and provided helpful spiritual meaning. Both the Hebrew and the Christian scriptures are full of metaphorical use of these elements to explore the mystery of God. Jesus himself often pointed to these symbols and they were frequently used in reference to him. In this series we will contemplate one element each week as we explore the scriptures, look at the natural world and use our imaginations to experience a deeper and broader reality of God. There will be lots of opportunity for interaction and engagement with the elements during the services on Sundays, as well as space for stillness and contemplation. And we’ll have a take-home practice each week so we can all dive deeper into God’s love.

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