Matthew Dyer - January 24, 2021

Change Through Curiosity and Exploration

In this third and last week of the series, we consider change that comes through curiosity and exploration.

From Series: "Stories of Transformation"

A new year feels like a fresh start and an opportunity to review our lives and think about change. We all know we need to change; we live in a world that is in desperate need of change; and transformation is a core element of our community’s vision to follow Jesus. But how does change happen? Is change even really possible? Will our world remain stuck in a stalemate of opposing intransigent positions? Is a different future possible, and how can we move towards it? Jesus came with great hope that transformation was not only possible but “at hand”—within our reach! So in this series we will explore the reason for this hope, and delve into some of the practical ways in which real change happens. Sometimes it’s through taking the initiative with intentional, consistent practice on our part. Sometimes it’s through how we respond to difficult and painful circumstances beyond our control. At other times, it’s through inquisitively and courageously reaching out to empathize with people who are very different to us. Throughout this series, we’ll hear from various people in our community, and let their stories of transformation encourage us, motivate us, and move us closer to Jesus.

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