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Matthew Dyer - September 23, 2018

Happiness Through Purpose

Jesus lived with a deep sense of purpose. He described it in a variety of ways such as “doing the will of my father’ or “seeking and saving the lost.” It looked different at various times, too: resolutely “setting his face towards Jerusalem,” or tenderly “healing all who came to him.” Jesus was driven by a higher purpose—to love, heal and lead us into union with God and a deep experience of life in the Kingdom of God. We are invited into the same purpose: as we experience all this ourselves we join the mission to share it and make a way for others. Everything we do in our church community is part of this purpose. Our mission is to be and make disciples—to experience it ourselves, and make a way for others to have the same benefit. As a community on this mission, there are many things that need to “get done” and we all get to do them! We’ve all experienced to some degree the fulfillment accomplishing something. But this is especially rewarding when we are doing things for others, and when we have a sense that the task (however apparently mundane) is part of a higher purpose. Serving in this way brings a deep sense of joy and fulfillment of the Jesus paradox that to really live fully you have to give your life away. Cedar Ridge is a community where we get to live and serve in this way. Whether we serve because we have gifts and talents that are desperately needed, or because the job just needs doing, we are all invited to enjoy this adventure in purpose, meaning and fulfillment.

Scripture References: Psalms 10:10-13

From Series: "Adventures in Happiness"

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