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Ruth Campbell - March 24, 2019

Overwhelmed by Injustice

Breaking the Chains

We want to address injustice in society—but which form of injustice? There are so many! It is easy to become overwhelmed by the scale, depth and complexity of the issues, and decide to disconnect from it all, or get stuck in our own emotional responses. This week, we consider how we can stay involved, without giving in to hopelessness. To do so, we need to remember that we are not the solution to the world’s problems: we are partners with God, called to be faithful in our daily lives. We can find joy and peace in knowing that we are not alone in the work of healing and reconciliation, and that ultimately love will triumph. God has given us skills and passions that we can apply to justice issues in ways that are uniquely our own. This doesn’t mean we will always be comfortable as we engage in these difficult issues, but it can mean we view engagement as an opportunity, more than an obligation. By remaining focused, partnering with and learning from others, celebrating small successes, and remembering to take time out to rest and relax, we can create a sustainable way to contribute to important societal challenges. To ensure a continued connection between contemplation and action, we need to regularly and prayerfully reassess our motives and attitudes, remembering there is no “them” and “us.”

Scripture References: Luke 4:1-28

From Series: "Breaking the Chains"

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