Discussion Questions

Hope and the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Discussion Questions for Week 4: Hope in Sickness and Death

1. What insights did you gain from the message this past Sunday? What was most helpful for you? What was difficult for you?

2. Which of the two videos clips on Sunday did you most connect with? Which one do you think represents a more accurate view of death? Which one do you hope to be true? What might be helpful and what might be unhelpful about each perspective?

3. Share your own perspective on life after death.

  • What has led you to hold these beliefs? What have been your influences?
  • How does your belief about life after death impact the way you live your life now?

4. In what ways have you had to cope with death in this life (perhaps grieving a loved one, sickness or a brush with death in some way)? Share your journey with this. What has helped you cope?

5. Read John 11:17-27. The speaker on Sunday suggested that life after death and life now are all part of the same one reality of life. The resurrected, new “life-everlasting” that Jesus taught and lived is present to us in and beyond this life. Discuss the following passages and how they might apply to this issue

  • John 11:17-27 (NIV)
  • John 12:24-25 (The Message)
  • Ephesians 2:1-6 (The Message)

6. The speaker on Sunday suggested the following as ways we can take a hopeful approach to death. Discuss each one and how they might apply:

  • Live like now matters
  • Live with eternity in mind
  • Don’t use life after death as a threat or an incentive


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Discussion Questions for Week 4: Hope in Sickness and Death

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