Beekeeping at Cedar Ridge

Ten years ago, we installed honeybee hives at Cedar Ridge as part of our commitment to manage our resources well, and from a desire to contribute to the environmental wellbeing of the broader community. Our honeybees not only pollinate the plants on our property, but also pollinate other plants, typically within a two-mile radius.

By avoiding use of any chemical treatments, we promote healthy bee colonies by allowing nature to choose genetically stronger bees.

Even though we only have 3-5 hives at any given time, we learn a great deal from our little workers. An average female worker bee produces 1/12th of a teaspoon of honey in her lifetime, but working together as a community, one hive of bees can produce up to 100 lbs of honey in one year!

These amazing creatures also help us get in touch with nature as we tend the hives. In addition to honey, they produce wax for making candles and lip balm. And they provide us a way to get to know each other as we get to know them.

Cedar Ridge offers bee workshops on a regular basis, and welcomes youth and adults to learn how to care for bees, and harvest the honey and wax. Curiosity and a degree of commitment are needed, but no prior experience is necessary.

For more information, contact Ethan Stryker.