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Our Sunday services are held in-person, with a livestream option via zoom. Masks and social distancing are optional. Everyone is welcome. We hope you can join us!

About Us

Cedar Ridge Community Church is a diverse, open, and affirming community of followers of Jesus, sharing God’s love with everyone and working to make the world a better place for all. We invite you to join us on our journey of growing to be more loving people who recognize that change must begin with us.


Help us serve our neighbors, help the oppressed, and live out other aspects of our vision that require resources to implement.

Getting Involved

Learn how you can get involved in our community and beyond.

Children & Youth

Learn more about visiting with infants, children, and youth in Middle and High School.

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Read our community newsletter full of stories, personal experiences, and updates from different areas of our work together.

Latest Message

Matthew Dyer - April 26, 2015

Panel Discussion on Racial Injustice

This series follows on from our study of Amos at the beginning of the year. Amos not only addressed surface problems in the culture but, also, traced back the symptoms of an unjust society to reveal several deep rooted dark issues in humanity that still hold us captive today: racism, greed, violence and toxic, elitist, self-righteous religion. During this series we will take on the challenge of Jesus to pursue a completely different way of living: a way of light, love, reconciliation, generosity and peace. Jesus too gets to the root of issues by compassionately revealing the darkness in humanity but positively validates the light residing in every human heart and calls us to a life of truth, meaning and freedom. With God’s help we can breathe in God’s spirit, take courage and become a movement of love, peace and hope.

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Our Vision

Imagine a community …

… that dares to dream of heaven on earth; a community where everyone is accepted and respected and their journey cherished, regardless of their background, beliefs or place in society; where everyone looks out for the concerns of others and no one is alone.