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Experience the Story This Christmas

Learn about our Christmas series (Dec. 1-24) and how you can celebrate with us this Advent.

Advent Challenge Group

This will be a time to share both the challenges and opportunities of being with family during the holidays, with a focus on how to navigate difficult conversations with family around race.

The Quarterly Newsletter

Welcome to the Advent edition of The Quarterly, “Waiting for God.”

About Us

Cedar Ridge Community Church is a diverse, open, and affirming community of followers of Jesus, sharing God’s love with everyone and working to make the world a better place for all. We invite you to join us on our journey of growing to be more loving people who recognize that change must begin with us.

Sunday Services

We are located in central Montgomery county, just north of Silver Spring. We meet as a church community on Sundays at 10 AM. Our service lasts for about 75 minutes, and we have programs for all ages—including children and teenagers. Click the button below to learn more about our location, service, and programs for all ages.


Help us serve our neighbors, help the oppressed, and live out other aspects of our vision that require resources to implement.


Children & Youth

Learn more about visiting with infants, children, and youth in Middle and High School.

Getting Involved

Learn how you can get involved in our community and beyond.


Lead Pastor’s Blog

Read some thoughts from Matthew Dyer, our lead pastor


Latest Message

Matthew Dyer - August 11, 2019

Standing Tall

Pablo Picasso famously said, “Everything is a miracle. It is a miracle that one does not dissolve in one’s bath like a lump of sugar.” But some things go beyond our current understanding of how the natural world operates. And when supernatural events occur that bring hope, healing or joy, we call them miracles. Through this series, we examine some of the accounts of Jesus’ miraculous interactions with people, nature, and even objects. We look at the impact of the interaction on the characters in the story, and how they made sense of what was happening. We study Jesus’ own words about what these miracles meant, and reflect on how they might impact our lives today. In this third week, we explore the story of Jesus healing on the Sabbath a woman bent over.

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Our Vision

Imagine a community …

… that dares to dream of heaven on earth; a community where everyone is accepted and respected and their journey cherished, regardless of their background, beliefs or place in society; where everyone looks out for the concerns of others and no one is alone.