Serving Locally

The Social Justice Forum held at Cedar Ridge Community Church in 2015 brought forth a number of suggested initiatives. Under the umbrella of economic justice and local outreach in particular, a list of potential tasks was formed including:

  • engage in advocacy
  • use the farm to focus on food justice
  • form relationships through service projects
  • partner with a local resource-poor school or church
  • partner with other churches to support local initiatives
  • learn about issues surrounding economic justice (workshops, movie screenings, guest speakers, etc.)
  • share practical, inspirational suggestions for what we can do
  • include children in initiatives

A team of volunteers formed to address the list and to make a proposed plan for Cedar Ridge to engage in matters of economic justice in our local community. Our work was an outflow and continuation of our church vision statement. In particular,

Imagine a community scattered throughout the region working as agents of love, peace and hope wherever they are; serving our neighbors, caring for the poor, helping the oppressed. Imagine a community of people who live simply and ethically, who share their land and resources with their neighbors; a community that treasures the Earth and reaches out beyond global, cultural and political barriers to offer friendship and practical support. Imagine a community of people who make the world a better place.”

We want to further explore economic justice issues in our local area and find where Cedar Ridge Community Church can make a lasting, sustainable, practical and relational impact. Through connections made in the community, our service days, our farm deliveries, and a number of meetings with area organizations through 2016, a few partnerships look to have potential for the kind of impact we are hoping for.

While we have more work and research to do, here is a list of a few ongoing projects to jump into:

  • During the school year, we deliver pre-packed bags of food to contribute to Greencastle Elementary School’s food-in-backpacks program, providing grocery staples to help cover weekend meals for identified families in need. In September, we will once again be accepting donations in labeled bins in the lobby every Sunday. For more information contact Jennifer Hair or Ugo Samuels.
  • About three times a year, as a congregation we share a potluck breakfast together and then send teams out into the community to serve in various projects.
  • During our farm’s growing season (typically between April-Oct) we grow fresh, chemical free produce to benefit the hungry in our local area. If you are interested in delivering this year please contact Tinica Mather
  • If you are someone who prays, please pray for economic justice. Despite feeling the odds are a bit stacked against our work at times, we at Cedar Ridge have hope and believe the world can be a wonderful, amazing, light-filled place! You can pray for our work in general, and for the people we come in contact with through our outreach partnerships.


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