Discussion questions for this series are posted here each week.

Discussion questions for week 3: Change through Curiosity and Exploration 

1. What insights did you gain from the message this past Sunday? What was most helpful for you? What did you find uncomfortable?

2. How have your views and beliefs changed over the years? Share a little about the journey you have been on. What has been liberating about that? What has been difficult?

3. Read Genesis 12:1-5. The speaker on Sunday suggested this is a defining origin story for our faith tradition in which God is constantly calling us into new territory. How does this passage make you feel? How do you think you would have responded? Have you every experienced anything like this yourself?

4. Read Mark 10:17-22. In what way does Jesus affirm this man’s religious practices? In what way does Jesus challenge them? How has following Jesus been disruptive to your own religious life? How has it changed your previous religious practice and beliefs and why?

5. What struck you most strongly from the interview with Ethan and Rebecca on Sunday? With what did you most identify about their stories and why?

6. Both Rebecca and Ethan talked about the importance of relationships on their journey. How has your own changing spiritual journey caused strain with friends and family? What has been helpful to you in navigating that? Have there also been people in your life who have been safe confidantes as you’ve journeyed? How were they helpful? How might you be a safe companion like this to someone else right now?

7. Take some time to pray for one another as we journey together through curiosity and exploration.

Practice for the week

Take time this week to be intentionally curious. Make a point of asking people questions and listening to their answers with the intent of being a safe person for them and understanding them, rather than contradicting. Each time you encounter someone with a different viewpoint to you, take some time to honestly wrestle with their view rather than dismiss it. What might it have to offer you? What are some positives of that view, and how might they help you grow as a person? What might God be saying to you through this unexpected source?

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