What does discipleship look like?

What does discipleship, look like?

This journey of transformation does not happen by accident, so we go about it intentionally by focusing on three main things:

  1. Personal Transformation: This happens both by working on it together and privately on our own. We call this “Growth.”
  2. Forming Supportive Relationships: We intentionally build friendships with each other, offering support through difficult times and enjoying life together. We don’t want anyone to feel alone on this journey because we all need acceptance, care and help along the way. We call this  “Community.”
  3. We put a lot of effort into serving the world around us in simple and practical ways. We do this whenever and wherever we can, sometimes working together and sometimes on our own. We call this “Servanthood.”

Pretty much everything we do as a church community falls into one of these three categories.

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