What does “discipleship” mean?

Another word for following Jesus is “discipleship.” A disciple is one who learns from someone else by staying close to them, listening to their teaching and modeling their life on them. It’s like being an apprentice. We use the term “discipleship” to describe everything we do to follow Jesus in that way, so it pretty much means everything we do as a church community. It’s what we are all aiming at with our lives, expressed in different ways for all of us.

In fact discipleship (following Jesus) is our whole purpose as a church community. Everything we do is to that end; from things like participating in challenging spiritual discussion groups to sharing life with one another—enjoying a good meal and supporting one another through the good and bad times. This is because we believe that God wants us to experience beautiful, fulfilling lives and wants that for everyone. Following Jesus (discipleship) is our way into that life as we are transformed from the inside out and share that life with others. It’s a lifetime journey of change not an instant experience, and our goal is to help and support one another on that journey.

So our purpose as a church community (our “mission” as an organization) is to follow Jesus and be his disciples. We express it this way: To be and make disciples in authentic community for the good of the world.


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