2016 Annual Plan

As we approached planning for 2016-2017, we worked with two growing realizations:

  1. The planning work we did last year created a scope of work greater than one year. In other words we still have work to do on all this in the coming year.
  2. There are multiple areas of ministry in our church where we need a holistic review to refresh vision, clarify goals and expectations, and develop concrete plans for moving forward.

The 2016 planning document reflects both of these realizations. It contains a simple plan of action for next year and, as part of that plan, an initiative to refresh our church vision.

The plan has an overarching goal of “capturing our community’s hearts” with awe, passion, gratefulness and love for God, for our way of following Jesus, for our vision, and for one another. Our three objectives for the year are to foster:

  • A renewed sense of ownership of our vision
  • Growth in confidence in ourselves as a faith community
  • Motivation and commitment to prayer in all areas

A basic outline of activities up to Christmas is included in the calendar section.

To read more, download the PDF copy: 2016 Annual Plan

Listen to the audio of the Annual Meeting which was held on January 15, 2017.