Prayer Walk

The Cedar Ridge Prayer Walk gives you an opportunity to integrate prayer and reflection with a forty to fifty-minute walk around the 63 acre property.  You can do the prayer in silence, or you can do it conversationally with a friend or two or three.  A prayer walk guide is sitting in a mailbox at the gazebo adjacent to the barn where prayer station #1 is located. Take the guide with you along the path.

In this prayer walk, you are invited to notice elements of God’s creation around you, and let them stimulate you to prayer and consideration about a variety of topics.  Suggested responses are arranged in 4 tracks, and marked with a box () in the guide book.  We recommend that you follow one track through on your first prayer walk, and then try another track on a second walk, and so on.  Don’t be in a hurry, and be sure to notice things that aren’t mentioned in this guide.  The most rewarding moments in your walk may come from surprises that this guide could never anticipate.  Eventually, as your practice prayerful walking, you won’t need a guide at all.  That’s the goal.

You will find white posts numbered 1 through 17 throughout the property that is connected by a maintained 5 foot wide mowed pathway.  The map included in the guide should help you find each stop.