Survey results

As can be seen from the figure above

    • 50% of respondents intend returning to indoor Sunday services (selecting 1 or 2)—down from 55% in May
    • 36% of respondents do not intend returning to indoor Sunday services (selecting 4 or 5)—up from 27% in May

Reasons given for intending to return include

    • We are vaccinated—18 responses
    • Enjoy seeing people in person—9 responses
    • Safety precautions are in place—8 responses
    • Masks will be worn—7 responses

Reasons given for not intending to return include

    • Delta variant—10 responses
    • Not comfortable with meeting indoors—8 responses
    • Personal health issues—7 responses
    • Rising infection rates—4 responses
    • Children not vaccinated—2 responses

Reasons given for being undecided include

    • Convenience of online service—4 responses
    • Watching the delta variant—4 responses
    • Want to keep children at home—1 response

Other comments made include the following:

    • Appreciate the approach we are taking—8 responses
    • Keep the zoom live-streaming option—6 responses
    • Will keep monitoring the situation—3 responses
    • Masking is important—3 responses
    • Looking forward to being back together—2 responses
    • More outdoor services would be appreciated—2 responses

You can view the complete results here, or download them here.