Strategic Planning

We are caught up in an amazing story! We are part of the big story of God’s incredible love for a broken world, and our own call to partner with God in reconciling all things. And we are part of the smaller but no less incredible story of living and working all that out where we live, in our moment in time and space.

We are an amazing community! We are a truly diverse group of people who have found a spiritual home here. We embrace one another, agree, argue, grow, falter and, more than anything, we are learning to love God, love ourselves, and love one another. And we have a powerful vision—one that binds us together, and one that God has used to challenge us to change, inspire us to action, and sustain us through difficult times along the way. It is a vision that is much bigger than any or all of us, opening us to our need for God’s presence and sending us into a broken world that needs God.

We have come a long way! In the ten years since we first articulated our vision as a community, with God’s help we have made great progress in our goals of spiritual growth, community and servanthood. As our journey continues, we are inspired by God’s great hope in us, in humanity and in the future. The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand, and the best is yet to come!

The strategic planning process that our Board and Pastoral team worked in collaboration with other teams and leaders across our church resulted in the development of four overarching themes related to our vision that we believe God is calling us to make our intentional focus over the next five to ten years: Sharing Our Vision With Others, Advancing Social Justice, Prioritizing Relationships, and Cultivating Openness to God’s Presence. These themes were explored through our Spring series, The Best Is Yet to Come, which culminated in a strategic planning forum on May 21. The 10 background papers that informed this process can be found here; and the collated feedback from the series and the forum can be found here.

Click to read the finalized Cedar Ridge Strategic Plan 2017.