We hope you’ll check out the prayer walk. The following are the titles of each station and a description of their locations:

  1. Gazebo Garden area:  Is adjacent to our historic barn and offers a restful view of hills, labyrinth and meadows.
  2. Labyrinth:  This stop is far enough away from traffic and noise but close enough to access easily. Walk along the dam of the storm water management pond to enter the labyrinth area. See the Labyrinth page for more information.
  3. Bluebird Houses along fence row:  A quiet stop east of the labyrinth, this station is on the edge of our property along the fence.
  4. Second Valley/White Pine: You will have progressed along the fence line down the first hill and up a second hill to arrive at a beautiful view of the property.
  5. Corner Fence Post:  Located at the turn of our fence line and property.
  6. Woodlands:  Just a step into the forest, this station now begins the steep walk in the woods.
  7. Watch Your Step:  As you head down the steep slope toward the stream, it is a narrow but beautiful walk in all seasons.
  8. Brook:  Station #8 is at the end of the slope that brings you to a bench by the stream.
  9. Rocks & Ferns:  This is a few steps west along the stream and is a lovely area with green ferns and white rocks.
  10. Silence:  The last station before the climb back up the terrain to exit the woods.
  11. Climb:  A bench under a tree is in the middle of walk out of the woods. Continue to the top of the hill, to the point where you are just out of the forest and back into the fields.
  12. Re-entry:  You are officially out of the woods and have a long walk to station #13. Proceed to your right along the tree line, going down and then turning right along a path up the hill to a wooden flag pole and fire circle.
  13. Fire Circle:  You’ll notice a fire circle in an open area where people sometimes go camping.
  14. Open Fields: This station is where our property peaks in the middle of our meadow. Continue to the right side of the church building, crossing the parking lots, and stop at the old brick silo in the center of the roundabout.
  15. Parking Lots/Silo: This historic silo dates back to the early 1900s, when the Spencer family farmed the land.
  16. Front Porch of the Farmhouse:  We are currently working with the Historic Preservation Society to restore this once-beautiful farmhouse, built in 1855.
  17. Dairy Barn: The last station is next to the dairy barn, now restored to serve as a meeting area for our youth, and a rental space for a school, church, and occasional functions.

We suggest you wear outdoor walking shoes as there are steep slopes and uneven terrain, bring a bottle of water for hydration and check in at the church or bring your cell phone along with you to ensure a safe walk.