The Cedar Ridge Property

Nestled between the metro areas surrounding D.C. and Baltimore, our sixty-three acre parcel property at 2410 Spencerville Road in Montgomery County, Maryland was purchased by Cedar Ridge Community Church in 1996. We constructed a church building and opened our doors in 1998. Since then, the clay dirt surrounding the church and the invasive plant-filled fields have slowly developed into a beautiful property full of flowers, wildlife and opportunity. We value our property and the creation throughout it. It is intentional that we have bird boxes along our fences, and ‘no-mow’ meadows in our back yard. We offer a prayer walk that runs throughout our land that offers tranquility and peace in an otherwise busy metropolitan corridor. Much life can be found among the vegetation: we’ve spotted fox, rabbits, deer and groundhogs, and an endless variety of birds. We host honey bees and enjoy a variety of bugs and butterflies. There are even four geocaches on our property. If you enjoy the outdoors, you are invited to enjoy this land with us!