Nominate a New Board Candidate

As a non-profit organization, Cedar Ridge has a Board of Trustees to ensure that we operate legally, ethically and with fiscal responsibility, and that we remain true to our vision and values. Each year we elect new members to the Board at our Annual Meeting, which is on Sunday, November 7, after the service. This year, the Board is seeking to nominate 2 candidates, and we are now seeking recommendations from our church community.

Please read the Function of the Board of Trustees and Board Member Desired Qualities documents, and prayerfully consider anyone you would like to recommend for nomination. Recommendations are open until 12PM on Friday October 8. Only Cedar Ridge members may be nominated, and you have to be a member to recommend anyone. Recommendations must be submitted in writing, with three signatures: the person recommending, a second person concurring, and the person being recommended expressing their openness to nomination. Please send your recommendations to the Chair of the Board, Melinda Anderson, at the Cedar Ridge office or via email. Please also feel free to discuss this with Melinda or any other Board member.