February 3, 2019

God: Partial Perspectives – God of Presence

People have been following Jesus for more than two millennia, and there have been all sorts of different emphases, distinctives and characteristics to this faith journey. In this series, we will reflect on how various traditions have understood and experienced God, with their respective strengths and limitations. We will also explore how our own temperaments, personalities and cultural backgrounds create a unique lens through which we see God, and how scientific, artistic, contemplative and activist approaches can all be helpful. In this way, we not only hope to better understand and validate our own approach, but also embrace and be nourished by the approaches of others. Together we will seek truth without fear, with the aim of nurturing a deeper connection to God and celebrating the divine image in one another. This week we consider the nature of reality, and the value of practicing traditional and everyday sacraments to gain a fuller understanding and experience of God.

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