Property Workdays

What Are Workdays?

Cedar Ridge Workdays are Saturdays that we invite all of you to join us on the property to work on property projects. We meet every other Saturday (from March to November) and work together from 8 AM until noon. This is a fun way to meet some new faces, share your talents of tools or landscaping…and really get the church in good shape.

What Do You Do on a Workday?

We work on small projects and big projects… We clean up and cut down… We repair and repaint. We beautify our property by planting a little at a time; grass cutting, weeding and mulching are always on our list. We have planted trees and removed dead ones, we maintain our prayer walk and the wedding garden. On large church-wide workdays we take on bigger and harder projects like painting our historic structures, building fences, replacing a shed roof… With 63 acres, there is always something to maintain, refresh and repaint. There are always invasive plants to clean up and wildflower meadows to establish. The work can be hard, but the day is rewarding. We talk, we eat, we get to know one another—and that is just during the four hours we work together.

 When are Workdays?

We meet every other Saturday, give or take a certain holiday. Our goal is to have seasonal workdays when a lot of people can join us on a Saturday morning and accomplish a large project in one day. Having workdays every other Saturday gets tough for many of you with busy schedules, but we’d love to see you any time you are able.

What do you Need to Bring?

We have tools and supplies and a task at hand, so really, if you bring yourself and maybe a friend, we are off to a great start!  See you on Saturdays in your work clothes!