from the Cedar Ridge vision

Prayer and Healing

Prayer and healing are central to the Cedar Ridge goals of hope and transformation. The Prayer & Healing ministry team seeks to build a sustainable spiritual support system for our congregation, especially those in need of help and healing. We provide companionship and prayer in troubled times and also help our entire congregation grow in prayer.

Someone To Talk To

If you need a listening ear, our team has been trained in (nonprofessional) short-term pastoral counseling and in emotional healing techniques, and we have a certified Spiritual Director and a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor available. We will provide referrals to other professionals.

Someone To Pray With

You can join a Prayer Partner any Sunday in the back of the sanctuary during communion time, or you may want to pursue more intentional and focused prayer with one of our trained facilitators for confession or for physical or emotional healing.

Congregational Care

This ministry provides a point of contact for those in need or for those who know another Cedar Ridge member in need. We offer prayer, hospital and home visiting, and limited counseling, as well as help with practicalities such as meals, chores, errands, and rides. This can only function if you sign up to help! Contribute to our vision without a big time commitment. We also have a Care Circle that sends cards and flowers in hard times and prays for people who write out a prayer request on Sunday. For help or to volunteer, contact

Growing In Prayer

Our team works with others to create varied opportunities for prayer, including Quiet Days in the Barn, worship tables on Sundays, promotion of the prayer walk and labyrinth, and occasional prayer circles, group spiritual direction, retreats, and prayer nights. Let us know how we can help you grow in prayer! Contact