A Look Inside Discipleship Groups at Cedar Ridge

We have a lofty vision for our church community here at Cedar Ridge. We dream that each one of us will experience the personal transformation that comes from a deepening and vibrant relationship with Jesus. We envision that personal transformation spilling over into our relationships with friends, family members, colleagues, and neighbors. We visualize being a community that serves our neighbors and cares for the poor and oppressed.

This type of personal growth really cannot take place in isolation. We recognize our need for change when we are in relationship with one another. We dare to change when we feel safe, accepted, and loved. One way that we can join together to help one another and to serve our larger community is by participating in a Discipleship Group. Cedar Ridge has promoted these smaller groups in recognition that we need the type of companionship and a closer connection to others than is possible in larger groups alone. Although Discipleship Groups gather to discuss and learn to apply the lessons being shared during Sunday morning messages, they are so much more. They can be a place to belong, a place to journey with others in devotion to Jesus as the members below describe.


Our D-Group met during the holidays for lunch, laughter and good old-fashioned fellowship.  We shared and savored our best home cooking too. We recalled our special moments during the year, both personal and spiritual.  We shared are hope for the future for CRCC. Our D-group is my extended family.  We share our love of Jesus Christ through a review of the weekly sermons and bible study questions.  Our D-Group meets after church on Sundays.  We are a diverse lively crew and we provide support, care and love for each other.  We have great respect for our diversity and learn from each other’s life experiences  and walk with God.  At times, our group is met with silence, as we contemplate a challenging perspective from one of our members.   We know we are all a part of one ‘body’, therefore, we value everyone’s contribution.   I have been a part of the group for three years.  The group has increased my ability to listen and respect a variety of opinions, to trust and to love.  I look forward to our fall D-group study!  “God is love.” Jeniece Weddington


Being part of a Dgroup is one of our favorite things about going to Cedar Ridge. Over the past 8 years we have had to opportunity to get to know many different people in our dgroups. We’ve had various roles as attendees, hosts and leading. Dgroups have been a source of fun (beach trips), great relationships, accountability, opportunity to serve together (raking leaves, DC grate patrol), spiritual growth and encouragement for us both individually and as a couple. This past January we had a baby born 3 months early, and we spent 11 weeks with her in the NICU. Our church community and especially D Group gave us so much support. We didn’t cook a single meal from when she was born until after she was finally home! D Group for us is our Cedar Ridge family. We are so thankful for the relationships we have gained and continue to build. Jason Float


As a member of a men’s d-group, meeting under the leadership of Scott Harwith has helped me to work out questions or concerns relating to the different discipleship series CRCC presents over the course of a year. As we discuss the material and go over the questions I hear an array of insights that help to keep mine in check. This group of men who take the time to gather once a week allows each of us time to share, listen and reflect on church life and our own walk in the Lord and helps us to be better people, husbands, fathers and friends. Even when there is no designated series we try to continue to meet to help keep our spirits’ flame kindled. Mark Hartley


Small groups have been instrumental over the years in CRCC and I have been blessed by being in a small group. It’s a place where deeper connections have been made with other believers. It is not always convenient for me to attend, but I attend when I can. We get together, talk a bit about what is going on in our lives and study the Bible or a topic assigned and discuss how it applies to our life and then pray for one another. It is a good place where we can share a little about what is going on in our lives. We laugh and cry together and support and encourage one another. Being in my small group has improved my life definitely. Anna Kim