Easter Sunday Service,  April 12, 10-11 AM

We are living in an extraordinary season—the like of which none of us has ever experienced before! We are disoriented and disturbed, and we feel afraid. But this disruption is also bringing us a clarity of sorts. We are waking up to new realities: that relationships and physical presence are what we treasure most, that people are more important than money, that despite our lack of control over so much in our lives, love can carry us all through.

Easter is a time of waking up—a celebration of a new reality where we wake up again to the life-giving power of love. It’s a fearless conviction that light can overcome darkness, and hope can overcome despair. That first Easter, Jesus’ friends, who were so disoriented, disturbed and afraid after his death, woke up to the amazing news that he was alive and would never leave them! On a lonely, downhearted journey to Emmaus, in a room locked away in fear in Jerusalem, Jesus came to them with peace and woke them up to what he had always taught them: love will win the day!

Join us for our interactive online Easter Sunday Service, as we experience Easter stories through songs, readings, meditations, and hands-on activities. Let’s wake up together and awaken the world to God’s love!