Cedar Ridge Children & Youth

Children and youth are a priority for us at Cedar Ridge. On Sundays, different age groups for school children and young adults cover similar topics as adults, so families can have conversations together. We believe we all grow best through relationships, so we encourage lots of interactions between adults, young people, and children. We discuss stories from the Bible, current events, and various life challenges, and look for creative ways to help children experience and share God’s love.

 Since our church building is currently closed, material for children is posted online each week. Please contact us for up-to-date information about online and socially distanced in-person activities for youth. 



Cedar Ridge Kids

The pandemic has impacted all of us, and it has certainly taken a toll on our children. Being unable to play outside, see good friends, learn in-person at school, and get together with other kids and adults at church has made this a very unusual season.

At Cedar Ridge Kids, we are doing our best to support children and their families as they seek to cope with this reality and continue to nurture their faith at home. Each week, we provide virtual lessons for preschool and elementary-aged children here. Realizing that many of our families may experience virtual-learning overload, we are making these lessons as simple and user-friendly as possible.

We also host occasional video calls where children can connect with each other and their teachers.  As the fall progresses, we are looking for safe ways to bring families to our property for some socially-distanced fun and encouragement. You can sign up to stay informed about these kinds of events, and you can contact Pastor of Children, Bryan Peterson, if you’d like to find out more about Cedar Ridge Kids.

Welcome to Cedar Ridge Kids! Although things look a little different right now as a result of the pandemic, we continue to find ways to stay connected and support our kids and youth. Please don’t hestitate to reach out by email if you have a question.

Bryan Peterson

Pastor of Children


In order to allow our Middle and High Schoolers to maintain connection during this time, we will be meeting on the property each week during the fall for socially-distanced gatherings. We will discuss the same topics as in the adult services in a fun and interactive way. For more information on times and dates, please contact Trish Audi or Suvia Evans.

I’m passionate about working with young people and helping them figure out who they are and who Jesus is to them because I struggled in middle and high school with those issues and heard Psalm 139 about how I’m a wonderful work of God.


High School Leader

I started working with the youth to make a difference. I want to help other parents by helping provide a safe environment for their kids to hang out and hopefully grow closer to God.


Middle School Leader