Activities for Children and Families

Each Sunday, we provide ways for children and their families to connect with God.


Especially for Children and Families

May 2 Outdoor Service Signup 

(Preschool and elementary kids welcome)


Today’s Lesson with Mr. Mark and Mrs. Wendy

 Today we’ll hear a special parable about a tiny seed. 


This week’s video with Mr. Bryan

We’ll talk about anger and how to handle it in this week’s video lesson.

The Letting Go Prayer

With our series on emotions, kids are practicing the Letting Go Prayer, which is a kids edition of the Welcoming Prayer.  You may want to encourage them to pray this when they experience negative emotions during the week.

“God, I give you my __________.

               I don’t have to be afraid because you will take care of me.

    I don’t have to feel bad about myself because you love me.

I don’t have to get my way because you are always with me. Amen.”