Our daughter, Paige, turned 4 months old on September 11, 2001. As a young family, we were scared and concerned about the world we had brought our beautiful daughter into. As we stood in our yard, looking up at a strange sky absent of airplanes flying, our neighbor Red walked over and sat with us. He reminded us that he had lived and fought during World War II and his family worried about their world as well. Would they have income and jobs, could they put food on the table, what would their futures look like? Red said it took everyone coming together and doing their part to help. His family endured hardships but they did come out of it into a new normal and he reminded us that we too would do the same after September 11, 2001. And he was right!! 

We have remembered that story at least weekly during the 2020 Pandemic as a reminder that while we are enduring hardships now, we too will come out of this into a new normal. We are all coming together to do our part, from staying home to helping on the front lines. It all matters. Red comforted and provided hope to us in 2001 and his words resonate again today.